BuMach can provide you with various services provided. 
We can arrange for you to import / export machinery, or can provide you with advice on the type of agricultural machinery you are looking for and can provide during the process of different services. 

BuMach can repair all execute for you to farm machinery and earthmoving equipment, as well as setting both hydraulic systems and electronic systems or building and customizing miscellaneous pieces of equipment. 
Also special construction can be carried out by us, it also belongs to the possibilities. Works of a new hydraulic system 

Bumach itself has no machines in stock are, therefore, we are not tied to our stock, but we can provide you with a much larger number of machines. 
We can arrange for you to search an agricultural machine and if necessary we can this machine yourself go sightseeing to provide you, in the best possible, unbiased advice Again, we can make an offer of any repair costs or the cost of the weather harvest prepare of this machine. 

If you wish, we can work on your machine or do we supply the necessary parts to you so that you can perform. The work in-house Should you choose to be in a container to transport the machine, then we dismantle for the machine, load the machine into the container, taking into account your wishes. And provide you with a matching description with text and pictures how to assemble the machine again. 

BuMach committed to you! 
So you continue with the activities that are important to you!

Your intrested in what bumach can do for you?
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